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Welcome to Susan's Cooking School!


  • We have one class left in our 2016 Winter/Spring Session, Mediterranean Stroll, which will be held on Saturday, May 28, 10am-12:30pm, at the View in Old Forge, NY. They have a lovely commercial kitchen that was designed particularly with cooking classes in mind. You can register right on their website. Visit our Classes page for more information.
Some of the items we'll be making this semester.

Two of my favorite things - Soup and Bread!

Check out my lastest two recipes: Croissan Bread and Hungarian Beef Gulyas Soup. They are both wonderful recipes with step-by-step videos (see below) to guide you on your culinary journey!
Hungarian Gulyas Soup
Hungarian Beef Gulyas Soup Video
Croissant Video
Croissant Bread video.
  • One of my goals in life was to make a fantastic grilled pizza and I believe that has been accomplished. I would like to share my results with you in my Grilled Pizza video. It's perfect for any occasion, easy and delicious too. You'll love it! Here's the recipe.

The Polish Chef

  • Dariusz, AKA The Polish Chef, has uploaded his latest video, Grilled Kielbasa Sandwiches with Sauerkraut. You'll get to see his visit to Pulaski Meat Market in Utica, NY, where he buys some delicious smoked kielbasa, takes it home and then grills it to perfection.
  • Dariusz's video, How to Make Cabbage Rolls, has become extremely popular on YouTube, reaching over 200,000 views in a relatively short time. You should watch these videos all the way to the end for the extra entertainment, Dariusz style! His YouTube Channel will be a part of Susan's Cooking School, but with its own personal touch (that includes beer). Dariusz's videos are authentically Polish, great fun to watch, interesting and informative!
  • Have you ever wanted to make beautiful Polish pierogi? Visit my Pierogi Page for videos and special recipes.
  • Visit our Blog and see what we've been up to and/or to post your comments. I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Please contact us via our Contact Us page or by email if you have any questions or would like to be put on our mailing list.

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