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Polish Chef makes pierogi

The Polish Chef makes pierogi! Recipe

Blueberry Waffles

I've made many a waffle in my day and these are my favorite! Recipe

Poloniase Potato Pancakes

You asked for it - Polonaise Potato Pancakes!
Our secret recipe revealed. Recipe

Video comparing Aldi yeast to yeast purchased in Carrefour Hypermarket in Paris

Aldi Yeast vs. yeast purchased in Carrefour Market in Paris. See the difference as I make pizza and olive cheese bread!

The Polish Chef

the Polish Chef
  • Dariusz, AKA The Polish Chef, has a new video out, How to Make Pierogi! You'll thoroughly enjoy watching The Polish Chef as he shares the secret to making beautiful pierogi, demonstrates using his handcrafted Stolnica, and just has a lot of fun in this professionally made video.
  • His previous video, a collaboration with Susan's Cooking School, Polonaise Potato Pancakes, features a recipe that took many years to develop at Polonaise restaurant and was the most popular item we served. For years people have been asking how they were made, so we finally shared our method and recipe!
  • Bigos, also known as Hunter's Stew, is considered to be Poland's national dish and Dariusz's version is absolutely delicious! In the video, Dariusz visits Hapanowicz Bros. Market in New York Mills, and enjoys a beer from Woodland Farm Brewery.
  • Dariusz's video, How to Make Cabbage Rolls, has become extremely popular on YouTube, with more than 4 MILLION views! Be sure to watch his videos all the way to the end for a little extra entertainment, Dariusz style! His YouTube Channel is a part of Susan's Cooking School, but with its own personal touch (that includes beer). Dariusz's videos are authentically Polish, great fun to watch, interesting and informative!
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